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Brand Inspector Trainee

Brand Inspectors are required to work under the supervision of Chief Investigator / Chief of Field Operations, Area Supervisor, and In-Charge Inspectors.  And are responsible for handling local inspections, auction market sales as designated, or whenever services are requested. Works with other brand committee personnel as designated.

Examples of work include, but are not limited to, inspecting cattle in a sale barn, slaughter house, feedlot or pasture for brands to determine evidence of ownership before cattle are sold, change ownership or removed from the brand inspection area. Handles unpleasant work conditions; i.e. dead or partially butchered cattle at slaughter houses, muddy holding pens.

Beginning Salary is $2729.00 per month.

Applicants must have the following skills:

  • Knowledge of livestock industry.

  • Ability to operate computer and other office machines.

  • Basic arithmetic knowledge.

  • Be proficient in written and oral communication.

  • Be able to offer excellent customer service.

  • Work experience in the livestock industry or in a similar position, or an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in relevant field

Inspector In-Charge

    An Inspector In-Charge position has been opened up in the Scottsbluff, NE area.  To have the title of In-Charge Inspector one must be in charge of and responsible for the inspection process of a Livestock Market within the Nebraska Brand Area or classified as an Open Market.  Under supervision of the Chief Investigator /Chief of Field Operations, Area Supervisor, conducts local inspections, auction market sale as designated, or whenever services are requested. Works with other brand committee personnel as designated. Able to perform accurately most phases of brand inspection without supervision, which will include making clearances, receipt backs, writing tallies, placing holds, using the electronic brand reporting system, roping and performing physical brand inspection. More emphasis is to be placed on working without direct supervision.

    Will assist in the orientation / training of other inspectors and intermittent inspectors.

    Additional experience in all phases of inspection duties with additional responsibilities will be given to the employee to ascertain and determine the suitability of employee for eventual promotion.

    Readily know and understand the reasons for brand inspection and the benefits derived from the program.

    Gather information from various sources that may be violations of state brand laws and forward the information promptly to the pertinent investigator.

    Initiative to find answers to questions is desirable.

    Knowledgeable in knowing what information to request at time an estray animal is initially reported.

    Having a suspicious mind and a willingness to become involved in finding solutions is advantageous.

    Make inspections on cattle. Employee will be monitored by training supervisor on occasion.

    Read and define a brand, give locations, look up same in the electronic brand book.

    Able to make an accurate record in a scratch book and electronic brand reporting system, listing breed, color, ear marks, brand, sex, ear tags, count accuracy and distinguished physical characteristics.

    Learn proper methods of roping / restraining cattle. Consigned cattle are not to be used for practice purposes.

    Learn the proper use and maintenance of rope and clippers and how to properly use clippers in removing hair from animal.

    Experience/Education Requirements

    This is a Salary Exempt position and pay is dependent on experience

    If you are interested in applying for this position please go to our website and fill out an application.  Closing for the position will be June 4, 2021 @ 5pm MST

    A relocation Stipend is available for internal candidates

    • Knowledge of livestock industry.

    • Operate computer and other office machines.

    • Basic arithmetic knowledge.

    • Proficient in written and oral communication.

    • Excellent customer service.

    • Ability to be organized and meet deadlines

    • Work experience in a similar position.

    • Work experience in the livestock industry.

    • Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in relevant field.

    • Trained to handle cattle so as not to unduly alarm them. This will include working gates, alleys and pens to fullest extent.

    • Will be able to properly research records and issue a clearance based on certain required data.

    • Knowledge of Brand Committee policies, procedures, handbooks, statutes, and other regulations.


    There are 3 Full Time Inspector Trainee positions available at this time.  Ogallala, Scottsbluff and Lexington Areas.

    There are NO Inspector In-Charge Position open at this time.

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    Directions: Starting with your present (or most recent) position, please complete the following. When completing "Description of Duties", please be specific and complete. This application may constitute part of the examination for the position for which you are applying. Verification of employment history may be made by contacting previous employers unless you request otherwise. Volunteer or unpaid experience will be considered the same as employment and can be listed.








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