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Employment Application

Open Positions will be listed in RED

Inspection positions must apply using application below only!

A closing date of March 8, 2024 @ 4PM MST is applicable for all open positions!


Full Time Inspector - Trainee positions - Beginning Salary is $3001.90 per month.
  • Alma- Applicants must live in or around the Alma area.
  • Bertand/Elwood - Applicants must live within about 20 miles of the listed locations
  • Candidates must live within 20 miles of said area.
  •  Inspector Trainee Description

Intermittent (Part Time) Inspector - Intermittent positions have the same required duties as Full Time positions but are paid on a piece rate which equates to roughly $15.08 per hour.

Full Time Administrative Clerk

  • None at this time

District Supervisor- This is a Salary Exempt position and pay is dependent on experience. Open to internal candidates only.

Inspector In-ChargeThis is a Salary Exempt position and pay is dependent on experience. A relocation Stipend is available for internal candidates

Administrative Office Clerk - Beginning Salary is $3001.90 per month.








Employment Record


Directions: Starting with your present (or most recent) position, please complete the following. When completing "Description of Duties", please be specific and complete. This application may constitute part of the examination for the position for which you are applying. Verification of employment history may be made by contacting previous employers unless you request otherwise. Volunteer or unpaid experience will be considered the same as employment and can be listed.








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