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Frequently Asked Questions

The following are frequently-asked questions by the public. We also provide links to Nebraska state rules and regulations, statutes and legislation currently under discussion.

What is the cost per head for brand inspection?

  • Currently the fee is $0.85 per head.

What is the $20.00 surcharge?

  • The purpose of this rule and regulation is to implement a surcharge per Legislative Bill 181, not to exceed $20.00 to cover travel expenses incurred by brand inspectors per inspection location when performing brand inspections as requested or required by the Livestock Brand Act.
  • A surcharge of $20.00 per stop shall be assessed on all local country inspections except when there is no travel cost incurred by the brand inspector. The surcharge shall be collected by the brand inspector and paid by the person requesting the inspection or the person required by law to have the inspection.
  • Effective June 1, 2012
  • Revised to $20 effective July 1, 2020

Who do I contact if I find an animal that does not belong to me?

  • If you are located in the brand inspection area, contact your local brand inspector, criminal investigator, or the headquarters office within seven days of discovering a stray. Those outside the brand inspection area should contact the local county sheriff.

What should I do if I am bringing cattle in from another state to be grazed in Nebraska?

  • Write a letter to the headquarters office advising name and address of owner, number of head, brands the cattle carry, description of cattle, and where the cattle will be located in Nebraska. This information will help return the cattle to the rightful owners should any of them stray. Check with authorities in the state of origin to be sure the animal's records are in compliance with animal health, inspection, and other requirements. Cattle must be brand inspected when they leave the Nebraska brand inspection area or change ownership while in the Nebraska brand inspection area.

Brand ownership for minor children, things to be aware of.

  • A minor can own personal property (a brand), but they cannot sell personal property. Please contact an attorney if you are contemplating putting a minor's name on a brand.

What is a Registered Feedlot?

  • For convenience and cost savings when cattle are to be transferred directly from feed to slaughter, a commercial or private feedlot may be designated a "registered feedlot". To qualify for this designation, certain standards must be met. If you are interested in this alternate method of cattle inspection for feedlots, please contact the Brand Committee headquarters office in Alliance or download the form from the FORMS section of the website.

What is the cost for research?

  • The headquarters office keeps inspection records for ten years. Any information you can provide, i.e., date of purchase, name of brand inspector and where livestock were purchased, will help locate a certificate as quickly as possible. The current charge for research is $20.00 per hour and $1.00 per copy. A copy a of recorded livestock brand certificate is $1.00 per copy.

How do I apply for a job with the Nebraska Brand Committee?

  • The Nebraska Brand Committee is an Equal Employment Affirmative Action employer and position openings are advertised through multiple outlets including the State Department of Personnel, Nebraska Job Service, area newspaper, Nebraska Brand Committee Website and Facebook page if the position is in greater Nebraska. Applications are accepted only when there is a job opening. However, the headquarters office keeps a list of interested applicants and those individuals are contacted when there is a job opening. Applicants for intermittent positions will be notified when a position opens in their area. The applicants' names and addresses are kept on file for one year.