Nebraska Brand Committee

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There are 86 Nebraska Statutes pertaining to the sale, purchase, transportation, branding and brand inspection of livestock. Sixty-eight of these statutes pertain to all areas of the state of Nebraska. The other 18 are for the brand area only.

Nebraska Brand Committee Statute Sections only:  Brand Committee Statutes as of Jan 2022

To view complete State Statutes, go to Nebraska Legislature.

An overview of the most significant Brand statutes include:

  • It is lawful to brand with either hot iron or freeze brand for ownership, in-herd identification, or year of production recording. In-herd brands are identification marks that identify each animal individually from other animals in the same herd. In-herd freeze brands may be applied on any location and in any configuration with any combination of numerals or alphabetical letters. It does not need to be applied in conjunction with a registered brand. The hot iron in-herd identification brand or year brand must be used in conjunction with the regular registered brand and must be used on the shoulder of the same side of the animal as the registered brand. Numerals 0 thru 9 singularly and triangularly are reserved for in-herd identification on both shoulders.
  • It is unlawful to use any brand on horses, cattle, mules, or asses, unless that brand has been recorded with the Nebraska Brand Committee by the persons using it.
  • It is unlawful to knowingly maintain a herd containing one or more animals which the possessor has branded, or caused to be branded in violation of any livestock statutes or any other provision of the Livestock Brand Act.
  • Buyers and sellers are both responsible for insuring that a brand inspection certificate (if in the brand area) or a properly executed bill of sale (if outside the brand area) is given to the buyer by the seller at the time livestock is sold.
  • It is the duty of any person that has livestock in his possession to exhibit satisfactory evidence of ownership of that livestock to any person inquiring as to the ownership of such livestock.
  • Brand inspection is required before cattle are transported or driven from the brand inspection area of Nebraska.
  • A permit showing ownership or proof of ownership is required for transporting livestock on any highway or roadway throughout the state. Owners and their employees are exempt. The permit should include the owners name and address, number and descriptions of livestock, including brands, sex, color and breed, point of origin and destination, and be signed by the owner.
  • The sellers may be required to provide proof of ownership on livestock even though such livestock already bears the sellers recorded brand.
  • Cattle must be brand inspected on the premises, prior to selling, at any livestock auction or farm or ranch sale.
  • Brand inspections shall be made during daylight hours (sunrise to sunset).
  • It is the duty of any person taking up an estray to report the same within seven days to the Nebraska Brand Committee (if within the brand inspection area) or the county sheriff where the estray was taken up (if outside the brand inspection area).