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Signature Authorization Form for Electronic Inspections

An issue arising from the COVID-19 situation is the matter of quarantined producers that require inspections OR producers that do not want direct contact with Inspectors so we have come up with the following solution. We have created a Signature Authorization Form that when completed and scanned by the ipads and attached to your local will meet the requirements of the needed authorized signature. This form can be copied and delivered to the producer directly or indirectly via email, land mail or whatever safe form of delivery is available. This option makes it possible to not impede commerce, get the required inspections completed all while not coming in personal contact with anyone.

There is a duration date line that allows this document to be used multiple times for a set duration.  Because Authorized signers might change we ask that this document be renewed at least annually.

It will be up to each individual to make arrangements all the while providing the needed social distancing that protects the safety of all involved. Please be very cognizant of the work place where ever that would be and others that are with-in the parameters of that work place, as our produer and inspector safety is paramount.  

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation at this challenging time.

Authorized Signature Form